Process Safety & Risk Management Programs

Provide a complete PSM program with 13 volumes that include all PSM elements. We lead hazard analysis and training on site, provide walk down and discovery, mechanical integrity review, relief valve system review, and assemble equipment qnd procesinformation.

Offer PSM support services to clients who need assistance with specific elements: Independent Compliance Audits - Engineering Drawings - Mechanical Integrity Audits - Process Hazard Analysis - Standard Operating Procedures – Refrigeration Training - Refrigeration Lock-out/Tag-out Procedures.

Provide a complete RMP management documentation as required for EPA submittals. This plan requires an existing fully implemented PSM program. Elements of the program include: Worst case analysis - Alternative release scenario - Management system - Emergency response program - Executive Summary - Five-year accident history - Registration documents.

Offer RMP support services such as Updates of Off-site Consequence Analysis, RMP Re-submittals, and RMP Updates every fifth year.

Ammonia Safety Programs

Provide complete programs to comply with the General Duty Clause for facilities with less than 10,000 lbs. of ammonia. It is an abbreviated PSM program. Designed to be affordable, simplified, and effective. It contains the following elements: Process Safety Information, Hazard Analysis, Standard Operating Procedures, Contractor Reviews, Mechanical Integrity, Hot Works, Management of Change, Incident Investigation, Emergency Response Plan, and Compliance Reviews.

Offer support services to clients who need assistance with; Compliance Audits - Engineering Drawings - Process Hazard Analysis - Refrigeration Training.